Technology Quality Sustainability

The ProtectVir technology was developed by the company BORKAR, which for more than 20 years has been considered a leader in the market, working in partnership with the automakers in the production of original automotive mats of high quality and cutting edge technology.

BORKAR is ecologically sustainable and aware of its social responsibility, which is why it uses only recyclable materials in production.


BORKAR is committed to offering products with:

  • Exclusive design

  • Safety

  • Reliability

  • Quality

  • Ecologically sustainable






Meet the expectations of our customers through innovation, continuous improvement and exceptional service.

To be recognized as a global company, a partner of its customers and that performs with excellence everything that

proposes to do.

We believe that a large company is formed by the harmony between its employees and managers. And so, to achieve our goals, we work with socio-environmental responsibility, customer satisfaction and success and valuing employees, based on safety, ethics and professionalism.

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BORKAR has the vocation to build its brand with ecologically sustainable policies and aware of its role in the environment.

For this reason, it works to reduce the environmental impacts generated in the manufacture of original carpets and automotive accessories, in the extrusion, thermoforming, polymer injection, manufacturing and sewing processes.


Its premise is to promote and protect the environment, by reducing waste generation and preventing pollution. And, in the exercise of its activities, it works in compliance with the applicable legal requirements and other subscribed ones, rationalizing the use of natural resources by unit and type of product.